Friday, June 29, 2007

Half of Infinity

This morning, E & S left on their summer vacation and stopped here on their way out of the state. As we mom's do, I went to get my

S said this was like those between-mirrors pics, those INFINITY mirrors, only

Yes, it is! We could get into philosophy here, couldn't we?

Friday, June 08, 2007


Remember the George Carlin quote about home being where you store your stuff? The flip side, I suppose, is that LOTS of stuff make it more 'home'

I was in the garage just now, putting the wheelbarrow away. It hangs from a hook on a rafter since there's no wall space left. Up above the rafters, there are boxes. Of stuff.

I didn't go look what they hold, because I know it's truly nothing I NEED to keep.

One is a box of fabric mallards and roosters I made in the 80's....another is a box of cornhusk dolls I made in the 90's. (Truthfully? There are TWO of least). Silk flowers....empty wedding dress...and second-hand stuff that my mother couldn't pitch now I store it.

Why? It's been there all this time because...well, it's not hurting anything being there, right? What real difference would it make if I had empty rafters?

Thing is, clearing the garage would lead to clearing my downstairs craft room, and then the basement "attic" of stored junk....and then my office...and then,

To what purpose, though? These days, I think long and hard about acquiring almost anything because I'll have to deal with it, physically, in my house. I quit garage-saleing years ago, and thrift-store shopping, too.

I don't need more stuff.

The only advantage of clearing those spaces now would be so that someday, my kids won't have to.

They're both sentimental and would keep some stuff just because it used to be mine...the same reason I have some of mom's

Would an empty garage or basement or craft room feel good to me....or just feel empty?

Do I rent the dumpster, or do they?