Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The wonders of our age

Precious daughter called the other night to ask if I liked the wedding web-site she made to keep everybody informed about their plans. It's an elegant site with links to hotels, the Groom's Picnic, the venue and how-to-get-there.
She said did I realize that the picture of her bouquet, when clicked, would take the clicker to THIS blog?

Oh, MY! Better clean up my act, huh?

A hearty WELCOME to anyone who finds themselves here after clicking those flowers! (The original picture can be found in the January archive pages...scroll down to the 14th).

See you in July!

Monday, March 28, 2005

GOOD morning!

Especially to Em, Patsy's Daughter, Bid, Noon, Lalo and're all charter members of the Ephemeral Florist Regular Readers Club (EFRRC).
Thank you!

(No doubt there will be t-shirts available soon...)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Lake Woebegon Trail

Life is good. It's Easter Sunday, 55 degrees, the bike tires are newly pumped up and the trail is about a block from my house.
Think I'll go for a ride!

Just so you have an image in your head, here's the trail last Friday afternoon:

Easter Eggs

Good morning! Click here for the Easter version of Ephemeral Florist....

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter in the shop

Ok, I'm thoroughly sick of bunnies--bunny planters, bunny picks, bunny statues, plush bunnies--but oh man, the smell of lillies has to be one of the MOST evocative scents in the world. (Well, MY
Walking into the department this morning was delightful.

I hope you all have a Easter Bunny Easter!

Egg 4 Egg 2 Egg 3

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Florists Union?

Over the years, especially when I worked in the small shop, I've thought about the possibility of a Floral Designer's Union. I talked about it with other florists at trade shows and everybody agreed it would be a wonderful thing.
In small shops, the pay is minimum, the hours long, the benifits non-exsistent (unless you factor in customer delight). There are hazzards like spray-paint breathed, sharp edged tools used, and wobbly ladders climbed, not to mention allergies....

So, why isn't there a Florist's Union?

1. We are artistes. Individuals! You would lump my blinding skill with that high-school junior on her first job?!

2. We could demand higher wages, yes...but Mom and Pop still couldn't afford it. So, is it better that the Little Flower Shoppe goes out of business instead?

3. "I'm artsy-craftsy, and I'm just doing this til I get a real job".

4. A florist with more than 5 years experience is usually a job-hopper or a sadder-but-wiser former shop owner. You wanna hire a UNION florist who might not even stay?

5. Everybody knows that union rules would make impossible demands for a small shop: minimum amounts of product to work with; time allowed using solvents; fourty hour work-weeks! Sheesh!

6. We florists are a jealous lot, bedazzled by our own creativity. We're building masterpieces and merely allowing the public to behold them. Would Michaelangelo have joined a union??

Naw, it would be like herding cats.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The New Black

There's something goofy about these pots of 'grass', eh? The idea is to add four or five flowers so they look like a bit of garden. I'm not sold on their 'sale-ability' yet, but the look sorta.....grows on you.....(ooo, sorry!)

Today's 'crop' of silks were fun! Here's the beginning of some watering can arrangements using gerbera daisys.

.......and here are two of the finished designs:

Let me explain the racks you see there, ok? They're from the meat department: they aren't using them, and I NEED shelving on

Friday, March 18, 2005

No new snow here

You can go back to yesterday's post and click to see the map, but the storm missed us altogether.

By the way, I'm up near St. Cloud.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The frozen Mississippi

It's March 17th in Minnesota; a 'winter storm watch' is posted for the southern half of the state for tonight and tomorrow with a possible 9-11" of snow see the map? Whew!
Here's a picture of the river while I was stopped in traffic crossing the bridge tonight after work....maybe it'll look alot different tomorrow, eh? We'll see!

Green carnations

Remember the food coloring experiments from grade school? Today is their proudest result!

Have a Happy St. Patty's Day Signand wear something green!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

One Tenatious Bird!

All more try....

Hey, look at this about Minnesota life Fun, huh?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yes it IS brain surgery!

I've been trying to figure out how to insert a highlighted word or so instead of a web address today. Even with help from a friend, I'm not sure I have it.
I'll try once more, but then you're permanently stuck with clickable links of the longer kind if it doesn't work. You've been warned.
Gee! I found this to let you know how I feel!


...this is how I feel, though
Live with it!

Monday, March 14, 2005

"Oh goodie! MORE pictures..."

So maybe, just maybe, I did pick up a bit of inspiration yesterday. Wanna see today's crop? Of course you do!

We have these cool small suitcases for sale in the department, and talking with a salesman yesterday, I found out that they sell best with flowers arranged in them...who knew?
Here's a close-up of what's inside them...

And, for the Easter display at the main all white vase:

(I won't tax your eyes with all the other stuff I did today, ok?
I know.
I'm SO good to you!)

The Design Show

Oh man, color is so exciting...WHY would a wholesale house sponsor a boring 'color expert'? We lasted in her seminar for about 15 minutes (and yes, most of the info was familiar already) but it could have been a real show-stopper could have done much better!
BTW, did you realize that the violet part of the color spectrum (the rainbow) has the shortest wavelength?
That's why purple seems to "jazz up" and arrangement of other colors--it's nearest to a neutral color. See? I learned something in spite of myself.

This particular wholesaler is well known for it's wonderful displays:

COLOR is their stock and why not light my fire??

Saturday, March 12, 2005

A spring design show

Tomorrow, we'll be going to the Cities for another design show...Hoo-wheee!
Who's 'we', you ask? Well, D, me, and the camera, of course....see you Sunday night, ok?
Flowers Flowers Flowers + Digital Camera = Pictures! lol

Friday, March 11, 2005

A response to my whine:

A friend sent this site after reading my "kids these days" diatribe. Check it out, Newb! L...O...L...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cleanliness is for Wussies

Remember how neat and clean my counter used to be?
THIS was today at Central:

Some things in this world just don't last!

Spooky angels

And they were so pretty sitting there, that I wanted to share them with you:

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


This is a test post from

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Speaking of kids...

Check this

Birdie pontificates about kids these days

I drove past a large frozen puddle on my way home just was frozen smooth, glass-like ice, perfect for skating. I wondered why there were no kids playing on it. We would have been, when I was young, and my own kids would have been, too.
It's a nice day for March in Minnesota--23 degrees, sunny, no wind--perfect for playing on whatever ice is around. A chunk of cardboard or a sled or skates...get the family dog and some friends, and that's all it would take to have fun.
But we've learned to fear in America.
We're programmed to be suspicious of everybody. News stories, even on public radio, are a constant barrage of 'new medical studies' that tell us we're eating all the wrong foods, breathing the wrong air and putting our faith in the wrong experts. We hear constantly about robbery, rapes, murders and abductions. Ads (from billboards to magazines to TV) teach us to worry:
"Nothing is safe"/"They're out to get you"/"Protect yourself!"
We've learned to LOCK everything. We keep the kids indoors (always with adult supervision) because "someone might take them", or they could hurt themselves.
But really, ARE there more predators then there used to be?
And, what's wrong with a skinned knee?
Is it truly wise to keep kids from ever being uncomfortable?
Are 'owies' actual tragedies, or can a kid learn from them?
Is a baby-carrier honest-to-gawd safer than carrying a kid in your arms?
Is it really 'Attention Deficit Disorder', or is it simply 'Too Many Video Games'?
(Bottom line? I wanted to go play on the ice....!) Ice Skating

Saturday, March 05, 2005

One small whine

This isn't brain surgery:

To order flowers over the phone, I'll need to know the recipient's name, address and phone number.
No, "that old building next to the tire place on Second Avenue" isn't enough.
Yes we do call first.
(No, we're not trying to spoil the surprise--most people don't spend their birthdays waiting for a possible 'surprise' flower delivery from you.)
Yes, the enclosure cards are small.
No, I can't still deliver it IS after 5 right now.
Yes, yes, yessss.....I'll wait while you go downstairs and find your credit card.
(What?! Birdie sometimes wants to be snotty to customers?? Sheesh. Musta been a looooong day....)
Flowers Ponder

Friday, March 04, 2005


Well, I've done it.
If you call the phone number listed in the book after my name, you'll get a recording saying my phone's been disconnected...(ewww!) and that "calls are being taken by..." my cel phone.

I took the wall phone down and put it in the basement, where it joins the other detritus of my life...the coffee maker without a pot, the unfinished art and sewing projects, the broken lamps I intend to rewire someday, the Guindon datebook from 1983, the box of stuff from the last house we lived in that's never been unpacked. (We moved here in 1985!)
It's a graveyard down there, I tell ya!
Or, a... Trashcan
OK...on to today's edition of (Wheat-weeoo!)


Sometimes, I get inspiration from something other than flowers--like these statues for instance:

They're serene resin angels that lend themselves to elegant gardeny settings. We sell these mostly for funerals. Here are individual close-ups:
photo hosting and image hosting by

I love 'em!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Florist Fingers/Capable Hands

A permanent condition...and my thumb is just as bad. It's from years of stripping greens and straightening wire with my left
(Besides, "Green Thumb" just sounds better than "Brown Chopped Up Fingers"!) Flower Basket

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Maybe I could sell this on ebay?

Tonight, when I arrived home from work, I saw the icicles on the vines over my front door, and thought they were kinda cool (and I hadn't taken a picture since this morning!) so I parked in the garage and grabbed the camera.

Boring, huh? With the flash, all the color drained out of the ice, and the lights are just bright dots. Blah.
But then, I took another shot from lower down, looking up...and there are TWO amazing things here: the un-known image that surrounds the end of the house, and da-dum-da-dum....the DATE on the print!

Hey! If someone can sell the BVM on toast, I should be able to see something in this picture that would send willies up your spine and sell for big bucks, right?

It's March first--already!?

Last night, I finally got rid of my internet dial-up service. I now have high-speed wireless, and I'm getting used to things actually loading quickly!

My dilemma is that now I don't need my home phone for anything. In the past 6 months or so, it's recorded endless automatic telemarketing calls, but that's about it. Anybody who knows me knows my cel number and calls there first. (The phone's "always busy", as I'm on-line if I'm home).

Cancelling my phone will save money, too. Right now, it's an expensive billing service for my cel and internet why does it feel like this is a big step?

lol...oh dear! If you need my cel phone!

OK, now. About March first--whaddya think? Are we done with Monet?