Monday, June 29, 2009

A weekend with BOTH Grandmas

This weekend was the most fun I've had in These two lil punkins made their grandmas laugh and feel proud over and over!

lol...this is where we spent the most time: throwing stuff in the water, taking stuff OUT of the water, adding hot water, filling buckets with (stones and) water, splashing water and holding wet kids in blankets till they wanted BACK in the water...
Sunday, we'd been munching on cashews Gramma Colleen brought, and 3 or 4 spilled on the deck. While we were eating lunch inside, we noticed a CHIPMUNK!! Talk about EXCITING!!

We went for a walk that started with both kids in the wagon, but then, Dilly noticed "Mud!" so we hadta stop and feel it. It was caught above the storm drain on the hill part of their road, and WOW, nearby was a manhole cover with a HOLE in it. We all looked down there, and somebody had a pebble that needed dropping through the hole. Oh WOW--
"Gamma--I HEAR it! I HEAR IT!"
So we spent about 20 minutes picking stones and dropping them in the hole. This picture was the last second Mace was actually IN the wagon. Life just doesn't get better than this.