Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three- two- and one-year-olds

Whoa! This weekend, Becky was out of town so Scott, Emily and I watched the Grands while Josh did something else that was fun...but oh MY, these three kept us hopping. Dilly's an expert at talking her gramma into stuff (like, we really don't NEED a nap, how 'bout more Thomas the Tank Engine videos?) and Mace joyfully benefits, while Josie is so good-natured that she's fine as long as she gets her way Of course, I see me in all three of them!
We went for a wagon ride Saturday morning with Auntemalee pulling. The kids were actually IN the wagon for about a block...but then, there were more storm-drains to check and holler "Hey!" into. When Unca Scott said HE needed a ride, Mace was incredulous, Dilly wanted to help and Josie thought SHE should pull by This was about as far as the team made it.
They got by with a little help from Uncascott.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"What I Know About Little Girls"

From Wikipedia: Coronet Magazine was a general interest digest published from October 13, 1936 to March 1971 and ran for 299 issues. The magazine was owned by Esquire and published by David A. Smart from 1936 to 1961. It was similar in format to Readers Digest but was considered to have a higher tone.

I found this in a box of Grandpa's stuff that mom kept. Its from January 1952, so mom had two little girls and was pregnant with the third. Probably had it memorized by the I'm adding it here cuz its so sweet, like my own two grandaughters.
(Apologies to my brother Allan and grandson Mason...if grandpa had known about you, he'd have sent something about boys, I'm


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The willow in Gramma's backyard

When I planted the weeping willow in my backyard, it was a 12 foot reedy thing, but I had visions of a big droopy cave for the grands...someday. That was maybe 10 years ago, before my own kids were even married.
But LOOK what today brought!
KQ was fascinated by the tree. She said, "Gramma, theres a DOOR!" when the branches parted a little. She wanted to crawl under the cherry bushes, too, cuz they were other There's a string of small mirrors under there, and KQ looked up with those big brown eyes and told me she was 'being gentle with em'...

Running around under there was GREAT fun. When we went in the house for water, we had to go back right away. Oh, and we HAD to show dad--he probably never saw something so cool before...and something so FAR from the house!

Little girl, you delight me. Thanks for today!