Sunday, July 31, 2005

Skateboarding to traditional music

Here's a link from "Like a Packet of Woodbines" blog...I downloaded the video and I love the energy and melody, even if I only understood about 1/4 of the

Floggin' Molly - drunken lullabies

Maybe it's from all the years I attended the Winnipeg Folk Fest, huh?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I agree, a person shouldn't need a fan going when it's 68 degrees--UNLESS she's just mowed the lawn for the first time since July third.
(There ARE good things about hot baked grass...but nothing else. lol)
And, in a futile effort to "get" the tallest weeds in one of the flowerbeds, I grabbed a stinging nettle, too yet. Ow, ow, ow!

BTW, son took alot more pictures at the wedding than I did...wanna see?

A view of the outside of the Minnesota History Center...nice, huh?

A mother is supposed to have this talk with the bride WAAAY before the afternoon of the wedding, right? What can I say? We were busy....

Yeah, I'm proud of the bouquet she carried. It was even prettier than the one I made last winter because this one had green dendrobiums and kermits and hypericum with all those reds and oranges. (Not every florist's daughter wants a huge

I don't know what we were looking at. Just wanted to show you that once in a great while, my hair looks ok.
But think about this:
It was at least 95 degrees out there; we were dressed up--the whole nine yards--makeup, hair spray and, shall we say, more underwear than usual...ahem.

Wanna guess how long it took to get my sister to cut my hair Sunday morning???

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pictures from the wedding

Yes, it's out of focus (I didn't wait for the camera to do it's thing), but it's the only one I took that shows S&E with the

E thought they were "just perfect, Mom!"--a nice summery look--with green dendrobiums and kermits with orange lillys, gerbs, roses and alstro and red velvet merlot roses and hypericum berries.

The centerpieces were loose arrangements in medium "milk jug" vases, with bear grass and curly willow.

Oh, man, it was a truly delightful, enchanted wedding! My jaw hurt from so much talking and smiling (who, me?), and my corsage was flat from all those wonderful was a joy.

Here are two shots of the tables looking down from the third floor.

The Minnesota History Center is a gorgeous venue for a wedding. The ceremony is held on the third floor, then dinner on the second.

While we were eating and toasting, the chairs upstairs were replaced with a wooden dance floor.

By then, it was dark outside, and the State Capital in all it's flood-lit glory stood at the end of the hall:

These were taken in the afternoon during practice--one so you can see the Capitol, and the other taken from farther back, with more

I'm so proud and so happy tonight. This summer has been wonderful...I've gained a terrific son-in-law, a delightful daughter-in-law AND their families.

The weddings are over and tomorrow the high should be 79.

Life IS good!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Finished wedding flowers

Awww...the flowers for Daud's wedding turned out beautifully. They're bright, elegant, and not at all fussy. I think she'll LOVE them....and there are a whole bunch more flowers to do centerpieces with tomorrow!

Nope, no pictures yet, but you'll see them soon enough--check back Sunday night, ok?

Something interesting: I have tiny individual lights--battery powered--that stay lit under water. (I've never tried them before--they're something new in the industry). I'll take them along and see if daud wants to use 'em in the centerpieces.
Why, you ask? Do they carry out the theme or something? lol...not really, but they're unusual and kinda fun. Besides, if you can't experiment at your own daughter's wedding......... Winky ...(don't worry, E, if you don't love 'em we won't use 'em,

Have a great weekend, and send us happy thoughts on Saturday night, ok?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I can't believe it!

This spring and early summer, Minnesota was stuck in a weather pattern that gave us rain almost every day. Yes, it was comfortably cool, and stuff was growing even without alot of warmth or sunshine, and I was happy.

Then, on the day R&D left the rain stopped, and the weather they love started. It's been 90 or over every day since then. Argh.

Ugly, ugly weather. The only good thing is the lawn--it's brown and NOT growing.

Our first relief has been tonight--after another scorcher, it's actually 74 right now. The windows are open and there's an occasional coolish breeze...
Ok, I'm happy again!
(It seems like most of the other blogs I read post pictures of their cats or dogs when there's little to blog about. So, see? a post about the weather is GOOD!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pictures of the bride

(The post you've been waiting for, AotB! lol)

My precious daughter (E) is marrying her sweetheart (S) on July 23rd, 2005 in St. Paul, Mn. We've had 18 months to prepare for the big day (BD), and now it's only 10 days away. Wow. As far as I know, everything's in place. Personally, I have a dress and shoes, and I've ordered the flowers, so now it's time to post a few pictures of her childhood, right?

When E was little, she loved the feel of air on her skin...ALL of her skin. One summer in particular, the year she turned four (?), our favorite neighbor would call me:

"Hi, Dodie! What's new?"

"Ummm, Birdie.....I thought you should know....E's running around outside without any clothes on.....again...."

Poor Dode. Yes, it happened more than a few times. But we lived in an isolated area with a big sunny front yard, and I didn't think a little kid should be concerned with keeping herself covered.
And E did 'run around' once she'd shed her clothes. She's zoom across the lawn, long dark hair flying, just enjoying the sun and air on her skin.
Nope, never got any pictures...and Dode never got used to

Baby E on the day before she outgrew that hand-crocheted dress.

Here's Gramma holding E. They delighted in each other. Gram taught her alot more about cooking than I ever did, too.

This was probably Big Brother's birthday. I'd forgotten the beanbag doll she's holding by the neck, there.

BeeGee in her cover-alls...(B.G. stood for "Baby Girl", and later, "Big Girl", but she's always been "Beautiful Girl" to me....aww.)

Both kids talked early, and I can still hear her little voice saying, "Muma? I'muna be a cowboy when I grow up, 'k?"

Remember, this was during the "Little House on the Prairie" series, and the whole country was fascinated by Laura. Every pattern book had "Little House" patterns to sew. E was usually a good sport about letting me dress her...she didn't much like the bonnets, but she loved

Grandpa thought the world of "that little girl".

After all those Little House costumes, E knew the thrill of 'dress up', and she did it as often as possible! (And aren't you glad I didn't post the one of you and Nancy?? (Oh, and that I omitted school pictures, too??)

"Clay-dough" was a favorite pastime for the kids. Click this one especially--we're talking grubby here!

Thumper. Nuf said.

The obligatory Santa

The cousins minus one--"Where'd Willy go?" lol

Enough little kid pictures?

Okay, here're a few from later:

Rollerskating with "Gunk";

After supper at Gram's house;

On a trip to San Francisco, with my brother and Gram;

and at Fisherman's Wharf, with her favorite Mom.

With Grammy at a dinner for my niece;

and with Mog at the cocktail party.

And here's S and E's official engagement picture, taken at Minnehaha Falls where he popped the question and she said "Yes!"

I hope your wedding day and your life together is ALL that you hope it will be. Trust each other always.
I love you, Prech...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A finished project and an update

I'd show you pictures, but those FINISHED cushion covers aren't very photogenic. Besides, I haven't put them on the cushions because it's a two- person job (something fun for the newlyweds to do together, right?)
Now to get those slabs of foam back to the Cities...

And remember my good friends R&D, moving to Florida this weekend? They're driving south, but at the same time, Hurricane Dennis is traveling north....still, the idea of FLORIDA is so enticing that they changed their route to get there on the other side of the state.
R presented himself to the woman at the visitor's center just inside the border to say, "We're HERE!"
I know she was delighted.
Tropical Island

Saturday, July 09, 2005

You'll LOVE this!

There was once an establishment called the Merci Tea Company. Their proud boast was that their customers thanked them for having all possible types of tea. One day, a customer came in, and asked for a cup of tea made from koala bears. After a short delay, a cup of this brew was given to him. "What's this?", he exclaimed. "There's little bits of fur floating around in my tea."
"Sir", the proprietor said, "The Koala tea of Merci is not strained."

Two days left

In all my years, I've never taken two weeks off at once before. This was heavenly. I'm rested and happy, and I'll be doing silk arranging full time for the near future. How cool is that?

(For your viewing pleasure and to try out a new service from blogger, here's a clickable picture of Friday afternoon traffic on I-94 in Minnesota July 8, 2005...see? Life IS

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I miss 'em already...

Have a safe trip, you two. Don't go too's probably best to warm-up gradually.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A vacation project I couldn't refuse

Dear son needs cushions from his boat re-covered and I've "got the time this week"
We're talking garage here for enough room:

No it's not a small boat, and these are not small cushions...we bought 10 yards of fabric and I need at least 2 more. (See the slab-like things behind the 'cutting board'?)

I said I'd thought I would have different sewing projects in my little kid he said they'd work on kids if I'd do the

Garden fireworks

You can see pictures of last nights' fireworks anywhere on the web today, so I'll show you the starbursts in my back yard instead.
I know.
TG for digital photography!

Aren't they a gorgeous color? Well worth the wait, hmm?

A trumpet vine takes a few years to take hold--this one's about five years old now--and it's finally glorious.

I understand trumpet flowers attract hummingbirds, but since the mosquitoes are about the same size this year, I haven't spent much time watching for them.

I figure the hummers'll stop by whether I see them or not.
(and they probably move too fast for the mosquitoes).

Monday, July 04, 2005

The ONLY band?

I just couldn't stand--I mean, stay--for the whole parade, so a couple of pictures will have to do ya....

I mean, where else could he wear that shirt, right?

I'd been there for maybe 20 minutes with no band in sight, so I turned to go home. Half a block away, I heard the distinctive rat-ta-tat-tat! between the houses...a band, a band!
Did a classic about face--waited another 10 minutes--and there they were:

My sincere thanks to Royalton--you saved Parade Day!

It's quiet here...except on parade day

You think I'm kidding, right? I live next to a four lane highway, how can it be "quiet"?
Looking away from the highway, here's my street at 8 this morning

And here it is at 9:45...almost time for the parade!

Just a few more people than
(Yes, I'll probably go when I hear the first band)
Marching Band wink, wink

Oops, I just noticed the date on my camera is wrong by 12 hours,