Saturday, October 01, 2011

Staying with Gramma for an evening

Aww, these two are so much fun!  First they re-arranged the toy room, then we went to the park, then home for a "supper" of ice cream and popcorn (hey, I'm the gram--I don't HAVE to deal with nutrition ☺).  Once it got dark, we took light sticks outside and tossed em in up the willow tree till the parents came home.  It was a thoroughly delightful evening.  
BTW, the new fav toy is a big bowl full of old buttons.  They can be strung on plastic cord or on pipe cleaners, or they can be counted or glitter-glued to coloring book pages...or a kid can just run handies thru em.  

Four, five and sixty-two might just be the PERFECT ages.