Sunday, June 25, 2006


For those sibs who leave snarky comments, I'd just like to say that having a weekend off does NOT imply incessant blogging. I spent yesterday cleaning my office...(yes, pretty much ALL day)...and yes, there ARE places on the carpet that I haven't seen in a year or so....nothing new there, right? lol

How is it that a person can think many times about an approaching ocassion and then, when the day arrives, forget till evening?? lol...little sister's birthday was yesterday (she's the tall one) and I sent a HBD when I thought about junque from my office that, at one time, she would have begged me

Hope you had a GREAT day, Boof....and now, it's six months since, and until, Christmas!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I know--you want MORE pictures!

This is Sue and Lori, cleaning a fountain yesterday...a nice day to be playing outside and getting

Of course, I tried the zoom! Glad you asked. Here's Jill, up in the shrub lot, taken from the same place I took the pic of S&L. Cool, huh?

We moved a concrete picnic table under that pine tree, and it's a good place to have lunch. The view of Lake Scenic from there is

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Various pics, ok?

(Evidently, I can't add pictures to an already posted we'll start with the paragraph from last Tuesday....)

Here's the place we visit every time I'm watching the baby--

the deck behind the house. She seems fascinated by all the green out there. We sit in one of these chairs and I try to echo the birds, and her little face gets so intense, looking for She LOVES whistles, finger snapping and clapping in time to music. What a JOY she is!
New subject:

Ya know when you think about the things that mean summer to you? I think about stuff like swimming, mowing, flowers to bring inside, open windows, sweating....but I always forget THIS till I see it

When a bird nests in a hanging basket, you have to stop watering the plant...especially if it's a robin. This one's outside J&B's house, on their front porch. She let me know that my arrival and departure didn't please her one bit.
Son took this through the front window.


Ok, just so you believe me about how cool my new job is, this is the pond outside the owner's house...he asked if we'd go out and plant a few pots around the yard, and of course, I couldn't resist snapping a few
Click to enlarge it--cool, huh?

Monday, June 12, 2006

MORE baby pictures!

LOL..I think my new camera just doesn't DO small pictures, so even the lowest setting, cropped, is still too large for Blogster.

Oh, well, huh?

Son called over the weekend to ask if I could watch the baby while he had appointments with clients today. Of course!
BTW, what ever did I do with my days off before she was born?

When I arrived this morning, she was chatting with her Daddy in his office...she'd been up for a whole hour already, and probably needed some Grandma Time (and a bottle).

Evidently, Grandma's are exhausting.

What a dolly!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MORE baby pics

I wonder if there's a more tender Daddy anywhere? He's showing me that, at 3 months, she can hold her own

lol...see the light yellow shape behind the "sun" there? It's supposed to be a bee, and it's wings make a crinkley sound when they're touched (some kinda plastic under the fabric)...KQ discovered swatting them, though she missed 90% of the

A day with the baby and the new camera...


One of these days, I'll learn NOT to post here first...I did a "NEW pics on the Baby Blog" blurb here, then went to post today's baby pics on Blogster. However, the new camera was set to take dense photos, and Blogster has a size limit...
So, the baby pics from today will be posted here, ok?

Trying the close-up setting...

She was obviously enjoying herself with all the colors and stuff hanging from the purple loops over her head--even the incessant FLASH didn't bother her.

This was one of those cool moments--she smiled and cooed while I stood over her snapping pictures! LOL

(OK, evidently Blogger has a size limit, too...let's try another post, ok?)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Formal attire on a cruise, please!

My good friends R&D just got back from a cruise, and had this sweet picture taken while they were on board.
Some people just get so excited about endless food, dancing, music, sunsets, swimming, shopping, cocktails, chatting, games, took them about a week to 'come down'.
(The hardest thing R had to endure was NO CEL PHONE for four days...but it looks like he finally spent some time in the sun!)

WELCOME HOME, you guys...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bubble Cam

I think I've posted this before, but here it is again: you can start a blast of bubbles in someone's south Florida garden by clicking the BUBBLES button.
Who knows why this tickles me?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Now THIS is a cool camera!

Playing with the zoom:

From the back door of the garage...(and YES, those lovely weeds ARE a part of the asthetic. Definitely planned. On purpose. A contrast with the 'real' flowers.....NOT disgusting laziness, ok?)

...zoomed in a bit....

...a little more....

Isn't this COOL?....

Wow...I'm pretty sure I can zoom even more, I just don't know how Had to steady the camera on the frame of the door. Too bad the tripod doesn't fit in the camera bag--I can see I'll need it alot!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June First

I know you're missing pictures here, but if I have to wait for the camera, so do you.

Today in my little two-college town, we have what I refer to as "Big Chunks" garbage day...two Thursdays in the fall (getting ready for winter) and two in the spring (when the students leave).
I've noticed an increase in traffic in the alley this morning. The 'pickers' are out early--slowly cruisin' piles of crap in case there's any

There's an upholstered chair that I've stored in the garage for more than a decade, and Daud finally said it could go this spring (!) It's closest to one of these, but more squat, with rounded arms and a more oval seat.
Lest you think it's actually a keeper, it in VERY faded pink nubbly fabric worn to black along the front edge--the base fabric was actually black, but the nubs are worn away. LOL...I just checked, and it's GONE!
(Now someone else can keep it in their

Ahhhh, spring!!!!!!