Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

No, I dunno why the pics are greenish.  The camera is set to "normal photo"...oh, well!

lol...the kids were allowed to eat the mini M&Ms from Gramma's Easter baskets.
They all seemed to do it surreptitiously, like they might be caught and told NO.
There was a box of sidewalk chalk in the play room, and suddenly it caught
their fancy.  Mason started, and pretty soon all three were
busy COVERING the front steps--a surprise for Gramma ☺,
who thinks it's BEAUTIFUL!

We walked to the school playground where KQ did monkey bars like a pro,
Josie wasn't afraid of the slide anymore, and Mace dug a hole with a stick he found.
When some bigger kids came, we decided to go back to the house for ICE CREAM.
Evidently, Gramma is the only one able to get green ice cream.

(Gratuitous pic of when they first got their baskets).

Two pictures stitched badly together, but I wasn't trying.
I just realized later that I could.
No, the table IS round.

This is so much Becky and Mason!
This was probably the BEST Easter since the one where Lois couldn't find her basket at 1004 when she was 21.