Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Need another picture?

LOL...and he's not even 4 months old yet!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the Distressing and Startling Lack of Safety Pins In Modern Society

Have you noticed? Not so long ago, EVERY woman carried a cache of emergency stuff in her purse, "just in case".
Beyond the Hazel Bishop and compact, you'd find a little yellow tin of aspirin, a few bobby pins on a folded-up chapel veil, and a rain bonnet (each in their own little plastic pouch), a couple of stocking clasps from a worn-out girdle,
even a little sewing kit sometimes...(in our case, there was usually an open pack of powder-covered Walnettos, too)...but always, ALWAYS--safety pins.

Where have they gone?

Safety pins were the universal fixer: a torn seam, a broken necklace or rosary, a missing button, a fallen hem? Get the safety pins--you'll hardly be able to tell. Some were even decorative--kids made bracelets out of 'em, and plaid kilt skirts sported a huge gold version. I understand the horsey set used the giant ones to keep a blanket on Trigger after a workout, and dad kept one in his toolbox--safety pins were ubiquitous, right?
Now, I suppose it's all velcro, and clothes don't need to last like when we were kids.

LOL...what brought all this up? Those ridiculous elastic bra straps with sliders. (IMHO, beyond a 32A, boobs should NOT bounce. Neither should they be allowed to hang nearer the waist than the collarbone...and my bra is considerably BEYOND). I needed some safety pins to keep the stupid slider from SLIDING.

Yes, I have a little container of safety pins in the junk drawer, but I really had to hunt for 'em. They shoulda been in my purse...lol
(P.S. They are now).

Monday, November 05, 2007


Sometimes, you just gotta goof-off--yesterday, 6 friends and relatives descended on J&B's house to "visit". Actually, it was to play with the kids...lol

Man, we had fun. KQ was amazed by eight adults singing HER songs, all at once. The look on her face when we all did Itsy Bitsy Spider with hand motions--well, what can I say? I'm converting the 23 Mb movie to MP3 even as we speak, and it's only 42 seconds long...lol

Her little brother is growing SO fast--at 14 weeks, he can hold his head up, and he giggles! He's built like his dad was at that age, and he's every bit as cute, too. His job yesterday was being a straight-man for the rest of us, and to be cuddled and held. He was excellent at it!

My Sweet Potatoes

Here's a song written by an obviously over-tired dad during the night...HERE, it's dedicated to my present and future grandkids: KQ, MM and the Plum...lol