Wednesday, March 02, 2011


...which is why she had five pony tails on Sunday!  The party theme was picked by the birthday girl--she wanted everybody to decorate CUPCAKES.  
Did you know frosting comes in spray cans these days? And tubes, so you can write on cakes...not to mention the TUBS of frosting, and the myriad kinds of sprinkles and small candy for on top. Whew.  
Wanna guess how many of these kids have never been allowed their own can of frosting or a spatula to trowel it on with before?
A few were licking it right outta the can.  (And NO, I didn't show Josie how;  she figured it out

 After everybody was good and sugared-up, we all went to the play room.  This was a still as any of em got.  What a FUN afternoon!