Sunday, January 30, 2005

Existentialism on the Prairie

(You probably should read the post called "Stellar Parallax and the Prairie" from the 28th first....this is the rest of

Okay, this morning I wrote a long more-than-you'd-EVER-want-to-know post about my childhood as an explanation of how I form relationships with people. Oh, bored even ME!
Boiled down:
We each have formative stuff in our pasts...for me, it was second generation German parents, an insular and naive childhood, Catholic schools and nuns, the 60's and 70's in my life, and a failed marriage. Not so unusual, and one helluva lot shorter.

How are people like the shifting view of silos and water towers on the prairie, you carefully ask?
As I drove along that morning, the water towers on the horizon seemed stationary, while the silos seemed to move from right to left depending on how close they were to me, like the pencil in the example.

The illusion was fascinating and made me think about people in my one person can be so important for awhile, and then another, and some stay forever...and how sometimes I have very little choice.

So, who are my water towers, and who my silos?

As I drove by, a distant silo appeared to stop, while nearer silos were still 'moving'....(this metaphor is really getting weird lol) a friend who stays in my life long term, or whose influence stays with me after they've gone.

Some questions arise here:

CAN I separate 'silos' from 'water towers' in my life?
Do I need to?
Are 'events' like 'people' in the above?
In fact, are 'choices' and 'places' like 'people' in the above?
Rolling Eyes
So, life is a kaleidoscope made of water towers and silos....! Sheesh!

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