Thursday, February 17, 2005

Do you understand this?

Today, I'm making a pot of chicken noodle soup because my throat is scratchy. It's the bug that's been going around at work, and it's hit me on my day off. This is not unusual.

So. Noodles should be right, I've used them up. Well then, how about....spaghetti noodles? Naw...that's just wrong.
The only other noodles I have on hand are ramen noodles, in a package I paid ten cents for. I hesitated, though...I might have to toss the little envelope of seasoning! Ohmigawd.
This is carrying the Minnesota-frugality thing a bit far, isn't it?
(I realized, too, that if I'd paid a dollar for the package, I could throw the seasoning away without a thought...and that REALLY doesn't make sense Rolling Eyes ).

There's a similar phenonemon that happens in the store, though...if we have mark-down plants, or "free with a coupon" items, people expect guarantees that they never ask for with full priced stuff.

(Last fall, we had FREE violet plants as part of a promotion, and I've never had as many questions about longevity and re-blooming as I did though there was a trick being played: "Yeah, the plant's free, but you're going to NEED this $300 fertilizer...brahahaha!!")

Is it the garage-sale mentality maybe? You know, when fifty cents for a pair of shorts seems like too much, then a dollar for a ball gown seems outrageous? I mean, you'll have to get it cleaned!

People are funny, even me...even when I'm not sick.
Yes, I used the damn noodles...but I saved the seasoning.
Chef (<---another left handed

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