Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Theme weddings

Talking to brides at wedding shows is always fun. One idea that's fairly current is the concept of organizing your wedding around a theme.

The first 'theme wedding' I heard about was the wedding of a florist and the ribbon salesman who called at her shop--really! They used ribbon as party favors, with a note suggesting the use of the ribbon on a special gift for someone at Christmas..."and as you tie the knot, think of us".

Two years ago, I talked with a bride who wanted to use "Monet" as a theme for her wedding. Wow! What instant images. Bridesmaids in soft, clear colors, Monet prints as favors, a garden wedding, for sure! and the FLOWERS....ohmigawd! How exquisite that wedding would be.
The bride, however, was from Chicago....just visiting friends here. Awww Shucks

Lol...now I need to ask Precious Daughter if it's ok to tell you about the theme she has in mind!

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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    If you must. Know, however, that I have been having a hard time trying to incorporate my 'theme,' since my colors don't quite lend themselves to it. Red, orange, and light green don't really say '______'. (I leave it up to you to explain.)

    Oh, and I think that we're going with a Greg Brown song for our first dance, and it also has nothing to do with the theme. sigh.


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