Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dear Anonymous,

To answer your question (from the comments under my 'thunder' post), I bet you planted all those crocuses at the same time, right?

We experts would have planted the purple ones a week earlier.
Too late now.

You're welcome.



  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Some floral questions:

    1. I understand about the crocuses. Could you come and sort them out so I can plant the purple ones a week earlier next year? Or do I need to get a specialist from the Crocus Board? What's their phone number? I think I should get my money back because there weren't any instructions regarding the timing of the plantings.

    2. I also planted irises in my yard. The yellow and brown irises I gave you many years ago turned blue in your yard. No offense, but I'd like you not to visit until after the irises have bloomed. I bought these irises specifically for their colors and ... well, I'm sure you understand.

    3. Why does everything on TV tonight suck? (There's a plant near the TV. That makes it a floral question.)

    Thanks for your help -


  2. Anon:
    Some 'floral' answers:
    1. Like I said: Too late.

    2. Irises in ANY color are fine. (I wish I could have seen the crocuses bloom, tho that would have meant you having a house guest for two solid weeks...reconsidering?)

    3. T.V.SUCKS...the poor plant can't help where it is.

    BIG hugs, Birdie


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