Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nope, I'm NOT nervous

Re: The weddings

In my experience, I do better at something if I've worried about it for awhile first. I usually try to think of all the possiblities, good and bad: The receiving line, the dance, will I be unfailingly gracious to guests, will the flowers be as wonderful as I expect them to be, is there something more I could/should do as MotG or MotB, will I spill food on my dress or cry too much or laugh inappropriately, will the silver 'slippers' hurt...WHO will I piss off? lol

Weddings can be mine-fields, huh? Or, occassions of joy and family connection, legally hooking up with another whole clan. I've never met son's future parents-in-law, but they'll become important in my life now.
On both sides, there are step-parents involved, too. Argh.

(One good thing about working where I ex-family shops there once in awhile, and yesterday I talked with my XMIL. It was good to see her and remind myself, again, that she IS simply an aging human, that's all. She never fails to tell me what a wonderful job I did raising those two kids. Hugging her was suprisingly comforting and....satisfying for us both, I think).

The fascinating thing about weddings--what I especially look forward to--is the super chance to "make-do". LOL...sounds funny, but I relish the idea of coming up with a solution to something on the fly. A ripped hem? Missing safety pins? Tipping flowers? New stucco for your house?
"Wait, I probably have something in the truck!" lol

Maybe it's a good thing that they didn't get married when they were younger. I wouldn't have been ready!

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