Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ode to the Florist's Best Friend

In all the time I've been a florist, this machine has been my constant side-kick. It's good for only one thing, but it does that very well. So here it is, the story of

The Pick Machine

(Start Ken Burns type music here)
When trying to insert a silk flower stem into a container filled with floral foam, one often wishes there were something sharp on the end of the stem.

Enter the florist's buddy, the florist's helper and confidant...the humble pick machine. Weighing in at a good 20 pounds, this hunk of engineered cast iron clamps a sharp little dagger on the end of a stem with a flick of the florist's hand. Push the handle forward to load the pick, and back to clamp it around the stem.
Simple. Efficient. Effective. Humble. Un do-without-able. lol.

All florists feel this way, but only a few of us would sing it's praises, and even fewer would write a blog post about it.

Tongue Out

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