Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blogging like a Florist

Just the other night, a friend and I were talking about blogs in general and this one in particular. We decided that since Florist IS in the name up there, I should probably write occasionally about floral 'issues'.
(I'd mentioned to him that someone googled "How to glitter a rose"--HONEST!--and that none of the sites that came up were helpful, even mine.)
So, in the interests of increasing the world's knowledge base about three of my favorite professional subjects, namely flowers, glitter and's

How to glitter a rose

Start with a can of 3M Super 77 spray glue, a partly open rose and a pile of glitter. Hold the rose horizontally over the trash can and spray the top edges of the petals, then dip the rose in the glitter. This gives the rose a spectacular glittered outline. The only major drawback of Super 77 (beyond it's price) is that it dulls red roses, so this edging technique is best for red. However, other colors don't seem to show the glue much, so we often just spray willy-nilly over an arrangement of roses and sprinkle glitter everywhere.

Oh man, I DO love that!

Another advantage here? Roses that have been glued this way never customers will say they lasted an amazing amount of time.

(Um, think about're spraying glue on a rose to make the glitter stay onboard, but you're also nailing the petals together, right?)

White roses done this way are very cool, especially with silver glitter (for a 25th anniversary), or opalescent glitter for a sexy

"Right, Birdie---'sexy' roses-----thanks!"


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  1. Birdie-

    Thank you so much for this revealing and wonderful essay about the florist's life! Nobody else, that I know of anyway, is writing about this subject.

    May The Ephemeral Florist live on!


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