Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Don't call, Newb...I'm UPDATING

Ok, Okay! Here they are as of now

Ummmm, wanna see a close-up? Of course you do! lol

And just remember...the rest of us LOVE cake!


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    That's IT??? Where is the glitter? Where is the opalescence? Show me flowers! Show me a veil! I want overboard!!!


    PS - The last cake is in the oven. TBTG!!! I hope never to see cake again - or at least not until July.

  2. YES, that's IT so far.

    Coats of paint need to DRY, ok?

    (However, the glitter I just applied looks fantastic...)

    Neener, neener, neener!

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    nice job

  4. Whew....did you see the PRICE on that one?? $122.00 is crazy, but what's the .25 for???
    One more sequin?
    Let me go set mine together and take a picture...BRB!

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    122 bucks and they still want 6 weeks notice to make it! lol

  6. Yeah...and I've had, what...4 days??
    My total cost was about $12!
    But, there's NO lace, so far...

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    $122.25 for... that?!? I hope that Homer's got some 24k gold trim, somewhere. D'oh! I like your Homer & Marge much better, despite the "appalling lack of lace." LOL!
    ~Patsy's Daughter~


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