Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I read my horoscope so you don't have

"You are starting to feel a little powerless. That's not what you want to hear? Sorry, but round here we don't deal with lucky numbers and tall, dark strangers. Or rather, we do... but we deal with them differently. When you feel strong, every number is lucky, and every stranger has the potential to bring magic into your life. You are about to get a chance to reassert yourself in an area where you have been conceding far too much. That will fix more than you think." (Emphasis, mine)

We're talking understatement there.

It's my 36th Mother's Day week, so I know what can happen. Add V to that, plus my tendency to avoid anything unpleasant or painful, and we could have a very nasty few days...OR it could go completely"Reassert myself??" Oh gawd!

Well, YOU have a wonderful day, anyway....ok? and

Wish me luck?

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