Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My brother

Obviously by the pictures I've posted, you know I have three sisters. The missing sib this weekend was my "little" brother. Yes, he did say he wouldn't be at either wedding this summer. (Two trips from Oregon to Minnesota, 10 weeks apart IS impractical.)
So, I e-mailed pictures of the wedding to show him what he missed...and this was in my 'new mail' tonight:

Subject: Re: Oh, MAN, Bruth, you missed a GOOD time!

"Hey Birdie,
Sorry I missed it, just couldn't see coming to Mn., this year. In
Thailand right now, just got here with good friend Kirk. Maybe go to
Cambodia, certainly will go to the beach and go diving. Will
certainly be lazy, lazy, lazy. The pictures look great though and I'm
glad you all had a good time. Bro"

LOL! Some people will find ANY excuse!!

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