Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pictures of the groom

Wow...I'm sitting here thinking about what a sweet little boy J was. He's still wonderful, but not so little anymore.
He's always been delightful, with a quick mind and a sense of fun.
One day, when he was maybe 13, he called me at work to say he'd wiped out on his bike. "Wow, Mom....I think this is the WORST I've EVER been hurt!!" and he laughed. He laughed!
(He was right, too. And yes, he talks in capitals, just like his favorite Mom).

Wanna see some pictures?

Son kissing his new baby sister...this was when he could still be talked into stuff...lol

My sister holding the kid when he was a few months old. I assumed he loved that outfit!

"Learning how to ride a bike" with my sister "teaching". He was SO thrilled!

With Grandpa, J was king.

Christmas 1977? A rare moment when he and his sister actually played well together....Dismay

Gram would get "help" all the time from J...lol

Must have been a summer when we all spent lotsa time outside. Great tans!

As a child, J's social skills developed at an amazing pace. He talked to anyone, often delighting them with questions like "How come you only have one leg?" lol...my pride and JOY!

Here he is with the bishop. Notice the startled look on the man's face?
How many other newly confirmed students were that chummy??

Um, no.....that wasn't a 'one time occurrence'.

Here he is with the Governor of Minnesota:

His comment when he got home was, "I didn't realize Gov. Perpich was tall".

Teenagers are fun if you love them dearly, and if you've trusted them since the first day of their lives. I cherish the relationship I have with J&E, and they've turned into some of the finest people I know.

I did doubt that a little when this picture was taken:

And when THIS was taken

AND when THIS was taken, too!

(J, was this the car with the "RACEME" license plates...or was that the blue Probe??)

OK, here's J with Gram and E on his graduation from the University of Minnesota:

My son the Engineer. He's always managed whatever he put his mind to, from suggesting the supper menu to buying a car ON his 16th birthday without my help. (He started delivering pizza with it that night...lol)

Ah, but here's the coolest picture, with the lovely woman he's about to marry.

I'm so PROUD and so happy for both of them, so tickled that we get B in our family, so awed by how much they love each other, and so excited about this weekend!

Can you tell?

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