Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A project for the MotG....

I don't own a television that's connected to anything but a VCR, so I rarely see anything bloody or stupid or educational or...lol...entertaining, either.

Son loves the Simpsons, and would dearly love a wedding cake topper of the young Homer and Marge. My sister is making the cake for them.
She found the happy couple on ebay, but the set she found is Homer and Marge on prom night.

I need to turn them into this

Sis is sending them to me to re-paint.....and glitter (oooo, you know how much I love glitter, right?) and add tiny flowers where appropriate.
Hey, it's something for the MotG to do during the last two weeks before the wedding.
(But, just think, YOU'll be the first to see them when they're done!!)


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