Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tra La it's May! The Lusty Month of May!

Today has been so odd weather-wise. It's been windy all day, moving huge heavy clouds quickly across the sky. Snow, or frozen bits of water, have fallen at least 10 times since dawn, but only in short squalls, and it melts within minutes.
I went to visit my best friend today to see a stoneware mosaic she made. We of course had a cuppa, and figured the back porch was probably out of the wind enough to be comfortable. She lives in the woods in a log house with big porches on the east and west sides. We chose the east one, looking over the slough through newly greening oak and birch trees. It's always a joy to sit there and rock, listening for cardinals and bluejays and wild turkeys in the woods, and watching for the bold pheasant rooster that must live nearby.
It was chilly, but not enough to drive us inside yet...we were talking about how, in our teens and twenties, we thought we knew what was right, and how often those ideas had changed since then, just through experience.
For instance, May first is always We felt the wind whip and heard the pelting first....

Click the picture

...and suddenly, the air was white. The trampoline off the side of the porch was covered in seconds...and merely damp 10 minutes later!
As I look out my office window right now, I'm not sure if that's snow in the air or petals from the cherry trees, or both?
Gawd, I really DO love Minnesota weather!


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  2. Gawd, you make me LAUGH!!
    Hugging you...


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