Monday, May 23, 2005

A wedding picture--awww!

Aren't they a beautiful couple? It rained most of the day, but this was taken during the 10 minutes the sun came out, and the.......
Oh, right! You probably want to see the flowers closer up.....

There're two colors of iris, royal and baby blue delphinium, fuchsia alstromeria, lavender roses, green viburnum and 'Kermit' mums, and two colors of purple stock with misty blue limonium filler--leather leaf backing and tree fern for softness. The only additional flower used, even if you can't see it, was purple lizzyanthus--but trust me, it's in there!
(See the one in her hair?)

OK, it's time to do some gardening.
See you later....

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    The flowers are amazing! I love the way the blue limonium looks in her hair! Absolutely perfect. I looked at Lemon's flowers on her wedding website, also very beautiful, although, I was curious why Lemon didn't use the limonium :^) cece


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