Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hello and welcome to FlowerChat members!

I just discovered via sitemeter that there actually IS a florist-to-florist chat site on the web. Wow--it exists after all--how exciting!

Of course I signed-up, but fear I won't be very welcome there, NOT because they're not welcoming, but because I'm the hated "grocery store florist" that independent shops scorn.

Still, there are issues we all need to talk about and ideas we can share, no matter where we work, right?

So, to any of the Flower Chat Community who reads this:

I'm glad you're checking me out. I worked in a mom & pop shop for years, until it closed because of the expense of it's new location in the Mall--double the space and four times the rent per square foot.

The job I took at the grocery store was simple expedience, PLUS some things I'd never had before, like health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, an actual 40 hour work week (not 50+) and profit sharing, in addition to a dollar MORE an hour starting, and regular raises I didn't need to beg for.

I wish I could say my bottom line was a pure love of flowers, but I can't. I needed to feed myself and my kids, and pay for heat and lights, ya know? We happened to be a very healthy family, so I've never used the insurance plan at the grocery store, but the fact is, it's there if it's needed.

AND, there's always something that needs doing in a fast-paced shop. We never stand!

While you're here, though, scroll down--there ARE lots of clickable pictures...and thanks for hearing my side of the story.


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  1. Birdie, So glad you found Flowerchat! I has been a lifeline for me the last year or so. Don't feel so unwelcome because of the comments about grocerystore florists... we all do our own thing and while many of us feel that grocerys should do food and we should do flowers it's not about people but about corporate stuff. I'm sure there is much you can share with 38 years experiance and maybe a thing or two to learn as well. Perhaps if you keep reading you will find a answer to yor career conundrum! Any way welcome to Flowerchat and look forward to your posts!


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