Sunday, July 10, 2005

A finished project and an update

I'd show you pictures, but those FINISHED cushion covers aren't very photogenic. Besides, I haven't put them on the cushions because it's a two- person job (something fun for the newlyweds to do together, right?)
Now to get those slabs of foam back to the Cities...

And remember my good friends R&D, moving to Florida this weekend? They're driving south, but at the same time, Hurricane Dennis is traveling north....still, the idea of FLORIDA is so enticing that they changed their route to get there on the other side of the state.
R presented himself to the woman at the visitor's center just inside the border to say, "We're HERE!"
I know she was delighted.
Tropical Island

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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    OK - it's 11 days before the Lovely Lemony's wedding. NOW is it the right time to post cute pictures of the bride? Soon (like Thursday) some of us will be busy making the wedding pseudo-cake and then will shortly (like Monday) be on the road to the motherland. So time for enjoying the pictures will be limited unless those pictures are posted SOON! Not that I'd pressure you or anything but POST already!!!

    Love - AotB


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