Monday, July 04, 2005

The ONLY band?

I just couldn't stand--I mean, stay--for the whole parade, so a couple of pictures will have to do ya....

I mean, where else could he wear that shirt, right?

I'd been there for maybe 20 minutes with no band in sight, so I turned to go home. Half a block away, I heard the distinctive rat-ta-tat-tat! between the houses...a band, a band!
Did a classic about face--waited another 10 minutes--and there they were:

My sincere thanks to Royalton--you saved Parade Day!


  1. Did you go the bazaar? Any pictures?

  2. Sheesh...I hated the bazaar when I was a kid...WHY would I go voluntarily now??

    LOL...I enjoyed NOT going down there all day yesterday!


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