Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I owe it to Mom and the nuns...

Take the Everyday Spelling Test and see how well you spell. I myself am a......

Spelling Nazi
You scored 90 Spelling smarts!

"Okay so you've either cheated, or you know all the vocabulary rules by now. "I before E, except after c." bla bla bla. Great job. You know how to spell, and you might be a bit anal retentive about it too. Not a bad thing mind you, but I get picked on for it."

The graphic is too big on the page, so here's what it says:

"You are the Adolph Hitler of spelling. Your grammatic regimine is so strict, no erros get past you; and no one with bad grammar talks to you for very long. If anyone doesn't use at least relatively good grammar, they don't stand a chance with you."

(That's the way it's written, 'erros' and all....)

Mom would be so proud! No, NOT about the Hitler part, but about that last sentence....and, look! there's a mis-spelled word in the announcement. Sheesh!


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    TWO mis-spelled words in that graphic actually. But being a mere 90 and my score being 96 and all, I know you have your limits. LOL
    I'd like to thank Mad magazine, Sad Sack, Richie Rich, Sgt. Rock, Baby Huey, Little Dot, Little Lotta, Archie Andrews, Wendy the Witch, Casper (the friendly ghost), Hot Stuff, Nancy & Sluggo and all the other comic books I grew up learning to read with.
    OK, OK, I read my missal and catechism books as well...

  2. Only 86, though that still makes me a "Spelling Nazi" according to the test. Perhaps if I hadn't been sneakily taking the test at work I would have done better.

    Aren't the Okay Cupid tests fun?


  3. Also 96%. Love from your fellow Nazi.


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