Sunday, August 14, 2005

A perfect day

If you've never been on one of this country's Rails to Trails bikepaths, you've missed a lot. Today, it's gloriously temperate for mid-August in Minnesota (it's 72 right now, at 3:30, and sunny, with low humidity!)
Wow, huh?

So, earlier today, we had to "do the trail" that's right across the road from my house. The amount of walkers, bikers, runners and skaters was moderate, but we all greet each other when we pass by.
The illusion seems to be that we never expected to see anyone ELSE out here.....! lol

From where I took the first picture, this field's directly to my left, and these trees to my right:

I think the Lake Woebegon Trail is one of my favorite places on earth, especially on a cool, sunny summer day.
I'll make sure to take a corresponding picture series this fall, when all this lush green will be rusts, golds and reds, ok?

And yes-I-know, you've seen hundreds of pictures of yellow cone flowers in your lifetime, but these were needing to be photographed this morning.
Here and there, I saw lovely purple vervain, too, but none growing next to the here's a "google" of vervain:

Recognize it?

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