Sunday, September 04, 2005

THIS is September in Minnesota

Yesterday when I woke up, it was 65 degrees, and by noon it was 55. There were clouds moving in, with storm warnings on the radio and dire predictions of hail, high winds and "frequent lightning strikes."

It pretty much did that all afternoon and into the night.
(Whoo-hoo! I was elated, because I live all year for cold weather.)

Today, when I got up, it was 67, and NOW, at 11AM it's 76 and sunny. It's supposed to get up to 87 today--so much for baking bread today, huh?

BUT, one project for this weekend was to get the monster weeds out of the flower beds--honest, some were taller than the peony in the center of the square bed. (blushing here!)

Remember how August was going to be "Glorious Glad" month?
Let's just say it didn't work out and leave it at that.

However, as I was tearing out weeds, I just couldn't rip all of these out...they're too pretty lol

Believe me, this is is about one-tenth of the weeds that WERE there!