Sunday, October 30, 2005

Funeral wreath for a music lover

The family ordered "standard" flowers for this funeral...a casket spray, two side pieces with script** , and this 'fun' piece. Evidently, music was a big part of her life and a real connection for the niece who ordered it.

One of the advantages of working in a grocery store floral is the plethora of items available to us. We had the wreath form, the mixed flowers and the colored wire for the staff. Another designer made the treble cleft.....and the notes? The bakery had 'em! I clipped the pick-part off, painted them black and applied, huh?

**BTW, 'script' on sympathy flowers is a personal preference, but MY preference is "NEVER". If visitors don't know that the deceased was "Mom" to someone, then why are they there?
When I kick off, pass around dark chocolate, but SKIP the script, ok?