Sunday, October 16, 2005

A GREAT fall day, we took the bikes to a small town NW of here and tried a new (to me) part of the Woebegone Trail. The scenery was amazing, the smells were evocative and the wind was cool...even in the sun. The first picture is a grove of birch trees so yellow that the air glowed. (I used the "cartoon" effect on it...for, um, effect).

If you've ever noticed wild bittersweet, you know that it's usually high in the trees, out of reach. THIS clump was next to the trail about three feet from the ground, and everybody left it there for others to enjoy. I think that's a blessing.


It looks as though I'm turning into a weekend blogger. I think about EF during the week, but other stuff always takes me in different
Hey, I'll try to post, but don't expect it, ok? You can BOTH find something else to do most likely, even if it's only anticipating next Saturday, which BTW, will be my one year blog anniversary.

I KNOW. I'm as surprised as you are.

Have a great week!