Saturday, October 08, 2005

OK, is this a FLORIST blog, or not?

Both of you might be wondering why I'm not writing about flowers and the shop much these days. Sure, it's a lovely area around here, but that's probably not why you have me bookmarked, right?
(Or, maybe it IS! lol)

This week, I pretty much finished my job of 24/7 silks at Central. I shipped 37 boxes of Christmas to our stores on Wednesday, in addition to the Fall stuff I'd sent earlier.

On Thursday and Friday, would I "help with five weddings at the shop, please?"
(One of them, a Friday wedding, was Daud's exact bouquet. It really tickled me to do it, too).

We were so efficient that I took Friday off!

For the time being, I'll be doing some floral related projects for the corporation. I have three lined up right now, and soon, a job interview for another position with the, we'll see what happens, huh?
LOL...I might need to re-name the blog Ephemeral Swing-Person, but that has NO pa-zazz at all!

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