Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A real mystery

Ok, I need some answers here.
Last January 4th, I posted a picture of an amaranthus plant. It was a picture I 'googled' to illustrate the beginning of what I planned as "Flowers starting with A" month.
(Obviously, it didn't last, or we'd be doing purple flowers this month or something, right?)

Ok, so here's the mystery:
In the past two weeks or so, I've had maybe 30-40 hits, from all over the world, referencing that picture.
How come it's something people are suddenly interested in?
Was it mentioned on a popular blog...or a TV show?
Is amaranthus part of a new book or something?
Or, a new song called "Love Lies Bleeding"? (Ewww!)

In this whole year, I've had maybe four other hits on that page, but lately, it's 3-5 a why???

Hell, I'll even accept theories!


  1. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Maybe they're just checking in like the rest of us to see if you've updated YET.

    Love - A. Non

  2. Nope, A. Non, they're googling for the picture...the link is FROM Google.
    I just went there to see again, and I think I have at least a partial answer, now!
    There's a band in Vancouver who made a CD called "Love Lies Bleeding"...from a review:
    “What possessed you to write the song “Love Lies Bleeding”? I ask.

    “The title comes from the name of a flower, amaranthus caudatus,” he says".

    So, mystery solved?


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