Friday, November 04, 2005

Not to worry, ok?

Ha! How odd life is, huh? For 38 years, I thought I'd be a florist forever...and here I am, looking for other work.
Amazing, no?

During the last four months in my "silk solitude', I've had time to realize that I'm tired of being a day-to-day florist. Still, it's what I know best, and many parts of it are things I love: customers, fresh flowers, plants,, especially silks.

So, how do I transform those proclivities and that know-how into another job?
Something at the wholesale level, maybe? Perhaps a field-rep for a silk flower company? I don't even know WHAT I'm looking for...

If either of you have ideas, let me know, ok?
I'm home.

BTW, here's something I just found....a world SUNLIGHT map, with my

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