Friday, January 27, 2006

A NEAT kitty

Sometimes one of these kittys just looks so COOL:

....and who better to share it with than YOU, Faithful Reader? Here's the size it actually is, too:

The finished kitty, just for Lemony:

(The EF remains always responsive to readers' requests...)


  1. I don't know how to say this, Mom, but, well, that's not a kitty. It's a rock with clay on it. Kitties...have...heads:-)


  2. oh damn...I knew something didn't look right about that "kitty"....ok, I'll post the finished kitty, ok?

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Yah sure it has a head. But does it glow in the dark? What good is a kitty unless it glows in the dark I always say.

  4. Here's an idea!

    Since you're so big on the glow in the dark, I think you should change the name from "Kittyrocks" to "Chernobylkittys" and make them all glow in the dark. And then if you leave off one of the heads by mistake, no big deal!

    I am bad, truly bad, but you love me anyhow.

  5. Yes, you are, and yes, I do!

    LOL...and you have to admit that YOU love glow-in-the-dark almost as much as I do.

    I raised this child RIGHT!

    (BTW, thanks for your professional opinions about the site--it's much better now!)
    Love you, Dolly!


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