Friday, January 13, 2006

Sensory overload hands are stiff and a little swollen this morning. The palms especially feel like they've been spanked, but I know going back to the clay today'll help. That, and aspirin......

When I worked in the silk department, I needed breaks because there was simply so MUCH to choose from in there. When I looked around at the colors and textures and possibilities, I couldn't make a coherent decision about 'what next?' so I needed to get away for a few minutes to sort it out in my head. (Really, the cig was just an

Now, I have all this clay to play with again, and I don't know where to start. I bought a pound of black, a pound+ of white and seven more regular blocks of what's the problem? LOL....waaaay too many choices!

And, I'm finding that old canes are too stiff to use as they are...but I have a trick or two to try before I abandon them.

I'll report back later--I know you can't wait to hear, but just remember how MUCH you enjoy delayed gratification, ok?

Later: Sheesh...sometimes what seems like a great idea at the time turns out I stacked an old, reduced and flattened cane with white, then cut it lengthwise and re-stacked it with more white on the outside. Should be cool, huh? But I just can't use this one:

Thing is, it has glow-in-the-dark in it, so I'll just re-work it somehow...
BTW, my hands are much better now, thanks Thumbs Up

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