Friday, February 03, 2006

But WHY? Ketchup and matches

My high-school-best-friend recently moved back to the area, and we've been stumbling down Memory Lane together lately--what she remembers compared to what I remember can be pretty funny.
She mentioned how she admired my Mom for making ketchup for the family...marveling that Mom would bother cooking and canning the worlds simplest (and cheapest!) condiment.
I don't remember the ketchup, but I DO remember two 40 foot rows of tomatoes and occasional bumper-crop years. There were only seven people in my family--WHY did we needed 30+ tomato plants?
(I assume Mom heard the ketchup recipe on WCCO--probably on Cedric Adams ?)
Face it, Mom was just desperate.

So when I read THIS article about how to make matches (?!), I thought about ketchup, ok?

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