Thursday, February 16, 2006

Contest wrap-ups, finally!

In a not-so-subtle comment under yesterdays post, I was reminded that I haven't eased your minds about the questions I posed last week. Awww!
All right they are:
The only KittyRock that does NOT glow in the dark is the one on the far right, with the pink face and navy-pattern body. Patsy's Daughter won the contest by virtue of being the ONLY guesser. Her KittyPrize is being sent today, ok?

As for the "What does this have to do with me?" article, were you aware that Mary Magdalen is a saint? And on top of that, she'd be my patron saint if I was still Catholic?
My nativity story, as told by Mom, was that I was baptised on a very hot Sunday morning in August by a fledgling priest who intended to "do this right". When he asked for my name, he shook his head and said it was NOT a saints name. He stopped the proceedings and went to "the Big Book of Saints" (while everybody stood around sweating), and found a suitable saint that I could aspire to. Maybe he was thinking of all the November 1st dress-as-your-saint parades I'd have to endure in grade school, but he personally saved me from dressing as any random flawless object. (Marlys="Mar-less", get it?) The nuns would not have been amused.

SO, I was baptised "Magdalena Linda". Patron saint: Mary Magdalen, the reformed _ _ _ _ _. The fact has always tickled me.

The article from the New Yorker is HERE , and now the mystery is solved, right? You can go about your weekend relieved.

(BTW, I've been advised that "P.T." answered THIS contest, and yes, she did...but when you run two contests simultaneously and you get three answers between 'em, and one comes by e-mail...WHAT TO DO?
The irony is that the KittyPrize winner, Patsy's Daughter, sent the wrong answer...& her Kitty is in the mail already.
Besides, I figured that ALL sisters already had KittyRocks, no?)

You're welcome.


  1. That's one long article. I read most of it, because I believe that a loyal daughter SHOULD be able to speak knowledgably (and at great length) about their Mother's patron saint, but it got a little boring after awhile.



  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

  3. Dang, Lemony! I forgot to check if there's a SAINT Lemony...oh, well, it's a done deed (and a lovely name that fits YOU perfectly.)
    Yeah, I only made it part way through the article, too...possibly farther than you did, being more curious about MM,but I eventually realized I didn't

  4. Of course they were lovers! But this leaves the Vatican in another dilemma, doesn't it?

    On the one hand, NO lover would call Jesus' sexual orientation into question.

    On the other hand, non-marriage sex is forbidden by that same church and the big guy would NEVER....

    Oh, a week when we have the Cheney-blunder to make fun of, why NOT discuss MM and Jesus kissing on the MOUTH??

  5. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Patsy's Daughter was the only guesser? I don't think so!! Here's my answer entered under the original Feb. 10 quiz question: "St. Magdalena. We all know the reference. Don't make me put it in print for all the world to see. You've suffered enough." I even got the SAINT part right (not saying that Patsy's Daughter didn't - I just think I should get credit for my answer. Or partial credit? Maybe I win a partial KittyRock?)

    Love - P.


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