Tuesday, February 07, 2006

HTML=Hope The Momentum Lasts

Whew, I've learned alot today. At first, clicking the "syntax editor" got me a LONG list of goofs, but now...well, there are less of 'em, ok?

The whole idea of coding is putsy--but amazing. Like most other electronic stuff in my life (the camera and cel phone, for instance) I learn by doing....if I get the basics down, I can build on that to figure the rest out. The camera seemed unbelievably complicated at first, but now the choices actually makes sense (and the only thing I still need to figure out about the phone is how to make that woman STOP repeating the numbers out loud as I punch 'em in....the twit even says "talk" when I make the connection).

And here in Computerland, I feel like I'm being let in on the game, ya know? I practically have the whole first page done!

Want a KittyRocks picture? This is Set 0617, just so ya know. I really like the pale eyes on the one in the middle...lol (Yup, her face glows!)

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  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    KittyRocks, KittyRocks, rah rah rah!


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