Friday, February 10, 2006

A mystery for you

I must be in the mood for proposing contests

I just read an interesting article that has a connection to me in an obscure and hidden way. I know one person who read it thought of me when he did because we've discussed the details. Three or four other people who read EF know the reference, but would never read the magazine it was in....

Need more of a hint? Here's a quote:
"As time passed, five whole bodies of *****, together with spare parts, were discovered in various locales. Her saint’s day, July 22nd, became a major holiday...Numerous professions—winegrowers, gardeners, sailors, barrelmakers, weavers—took her as their patron saint. Church after church was named after her, as were many baby girls."

Ok, WHO was this historic figure and what connection is there to me??

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    St. Magdalena. We all know the reference. Don't make me put it in print for all the world to see. You've suffered enough.

    Love - P. T.


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