Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Something new--Snow

Like the last 10 (or so) winters, it's been warmish here, and the whole state breathes easier once January is over. I missed the weather report last night (E was here), and this morning was surprised by a nice fresh snow-covered world.
(I know you'll care about this: I live on the corner of my street and the alley, so I have to take the big blue plastic mini-dumpster across my backyard to the 'curb'. Yesterday, there was easy-to-roll-over bare lawn there, but not now...damn.)
If all this isn't new to you (if you live in Minnesota, fer instance), have you noticed the red osier dogwood in the swamps are already brilliant? And, that all the willow trees are vibrant yellow against the snow? Wow!
(In other words, we take whatever we can get in the 'Signs of Spring' department!)

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