Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ummm, about the KittyRocks site?

If you've tried to access KittyRocks in the last day or so, you've noticed that the pictures won't show up, and the ads won't go away. No wonder.

A friend just e-mailed to say that my KittyRocks site server is loaded with spyware--that it's well known among computer types (her husband being one). SO....I'm taking the link down. I'll re-launch KittyRocks (maybe right here on Blogger) in the next few days....but this time, I'll do my homework first and check server reviews....

Sorry about all this...
Shy Birdie


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    You will lpick up spyware whereever you go so you need to install and use regulary spyware spotter/reover and scan once per week. Careful too of using search engine because some spyware set up as anti-spyware!

  2. Good thing you e-mailed me--I now have a spyware filter and a malware filter on my computer. The malware thingy does a little alarm sound when it zaps a naughty file--it's damn entertaining so far.

    Thanks, Fred-you're a big help!


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