Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gifts from Hawaii!

Awww, Mog brought me a CD of slack key guitar music (lol...I always forget that people bring gifts home from vacations!) I'm listening right now, and it's BEAUTIFUL MUSIC for sure. Very calming, with surf-sounds in the background...aahhhhh.

We had a delightful visit, ate lotsa rolls, and I got to tell her ALL about the Cheney episode, which she knew nothing at all about! LOL

What do you call the beautiful fabric wraps that women tie around themselves on the beaches over there? Mog brought me a gorgeous light red one with a here-and-there bamboo print, AND a bright red-with- white-batik scarf...and a shell necklace! Wow, an embarassment of riches...but the very best part is that she's home right when spring seems to be arriving here.

(I showed her EVERY baby picture I have, too. She was suitably impressed (ooo'd and ahhh'd) and can't wait to meet Kendall...a great excuse to drive back down there, huh?)

Amazingly, she went to Hawaii without a camera!


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

  2. Thanks,'s a pareu, (pronounced par-ee-you). :^)

    BTW, Moggie flew home entirely UNmedicated--it took so long for the drugs to wear off when she got there that she island-hopped without 'em, and then realized she could probably make it home without drugs, too. Cool, huh?

    Oh, and also, she didn't even try

  3. Anonymous7:45 AM

    it's a sarong (pronounced sarong):

    You're welcome.


    PS - I won't be submitting so many comments in the future. Those word verification words are getting just too hard to pronounce.

  4. 'Morning, P.T.
    I was looking for the vernacular word, and figured Anonymous L would know 'cuz he's from Hawaii.
    (Years ago, Cece brought me one from Singapore, but it's black, brown and gold and looks serious, where this one looks Hawaiian. But then, the brown one was made to wear in a temple, and the new one is intended for a white sandy beach...and now the poor thing is stuck in Minnesota ;^).

    You're right about the "security" codes, though, and it's just awfully nice that you do it for me so I don't have to delete spam instead.
    Guess that's what sisters are for.


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