Friday, March 10, 2006


OK, you should be able to TELL which browser I'm using just by the font and whether there's a picture...

(Oh, lord, why am I posting such drivel?? Isn't it better to just SKIP posting if there's nothing to say? lol...on the other hand, that's never stopped me before....)

It's 49 right now, and I'm going back outside to take some pictures just for lucky ol' YOU!

(BTW, this part of the post is fueled by Caramel deLites Girl Scout cookies, just so you know.)

Here're the promised pictures: The first one is the muddy alley next to the house with it's major puddles. Good memories of the "creek" behind the house when I was a kid (it was actually a drainage ditch, but we were romantics even then)......

When you can't take your shoes off and play in the water, the storm drains were the next best thing, like here:

I love the way willow trees' branches get bright yellow in the early this one in my backyard:

And finally, the red door that's visable now! Are you SURE I shouldn't have painted the garage door, too??

I took about 10 more, but this is enough for now or I won't be ready to go out

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  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Did you ever hear the phrase "Too much of a good thing"? Painting the garage door would have been overkill and would have ruined the focus on the front my humble opinion.


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