Monday, March 06, 2006

Shopping for clothes

In the past, when have I ever NEEDED clothes?
My closet is stuffed with things I've accumulated over the years, only some of which are "nice".
In fact, I did a purge the other day (all those white turtlenecks with cruddy cuffs from floristing? Out. The dress I last wore in a play eight years ago? Out. And who needs 26 tee shirts? lol...I do!)

Tonight, we went clothes shopping again.
(Yes I know, that makes a total of two times....but my tolerance is low, ok?)

I found a shirt. Period.

BUT, now I do have a stunning collection of jewelry from Shari. Big beautiful clunky wild necklaces mostly. I can actually see myself wearing them.....IF I have the right clothes.
Oh gawd.....maybe tomorrow.

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