Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Zoe gets high

When I give my kitty catnip, it's from what I've grown in the yard...but evidently, homegrown isn't as potent as "the good stuff" I bought yesterday....

The routine is that I take a paper grocery bag and fold the top down to make it firmer (she knows that sound and comes running) then I toss in maybe a tablespoon of hooch and set it on the floor for her.

Normally, she's wowed for maybe 15 minutes, rolls and plays in it, goofs around ON the bag and then falls asleep on it. The next day, she's peed on it, and I take it away.

WELL, this new stuff is Acapulco Gold by comparison...she's been centered on that bag for almost 24 hours, there's catnip spread all around it on the floor and in her fur.... and I guess I'll leave it as long as she's fascinated....lol

(She's in the middle of a yawn, here, but then she stretched and fell asleep again as if to say, "G'head and take your dumb pictures, I have better things to do with my timmmmmme....." lol)

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