Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cold water? No problem!

Back in December, a friend gave me a picnic kit for a Christmas gift. It's a cool backpack thingy with four plates, four knives, spoons and forks, four gingham napkins, a bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, and four plastic wine glasses. There's ample insulated room for sandwiches, salad, cheese, bread--whatever--AND a removable wine-bottle insulator bag.
But other than trips on the Woebegone Trail or to watch fireworks on the fourth, I wondered how useful it'd be---until today!
lol...I have a quart water bottle with one of those drinking spouts on top, and it fits perfectly into the wine bottle bag. I can fill it in the morning and take it along to work--should stay a bit cooler that way, especially if I freeze some water in the bottle overnight, huh?
Good cold water with lunch and nice memories too!
Thanks, L!

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