Sunday, May 28, 2006

It shouldn't be 97 in May

Wow, you should see the sunburn/tan I have already. It's the classic 'farmer' variety--arms below the tee-shirt, back of my neck, legs below the shorts, and Can you imagine fish-belly Birdie with a TAN?

(Just wait till I get my new camera. My sister in Chicago is monitoring ebay auctions even as we speak !)

It was HOT today, and really windy. The plants in the courtyard at the store had to be watered again this morning, after we spent most of yesterday watering. Even the fountains needed to be refilled...and we replaced the pump in the studio pond after I noticed that the waterfall was only dribbling. It's such a cool place to work, even when it's

I hope both of you do something fun tomorrow--Memorial Day could make us think about the temporariness of our lives, and how our connections to each other are what it's all about....but in reality, we just try to keep cool and have a brat or two, get the boat in the water, and don't think about much of anything...and actually, that's good enough.

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