Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Learning new things

New Job Report:

It's startling to me that I've landed in a job that fits me so well. I come home physically tired and tickled about what was accomplished during the day there.

We're preparing for Mother's Day/Memorial Day/Spring of course, and I'm doing outside displays of plants with jardinieres and moss, or rocks from the landscaping area, or birdbaths, or metal archways or statues and potting benches..(it looks like I'm working, but I'm really

The SS site used to be a farm, so it's charming to begin with, and people enjoy being there. We have ponds with fountains (Lake Scenic out front has THREE, plus a small vending machine for fish food, which kids love), and a brook on the property. We sell Koi and aquatic plants--anything you might need for a water feature--AND trees, shrubs and plants for the yard around it.
(It surprises me how much overlap there is with my knowledge of tropical plants. Did you know calla and canna lilys are water plants?)
We sell landscaping materials, too, and with a little more practice, I'll be able to jump in the Bobcat and load your mulch for you!

Now, THAT IS cool!

I'm happier at this job than I was being a florist (and much happier than selling furniture), but I was overly enthusiastic in 1967 and 1999 and again a couple months I've learned my lesson:
It's a cool job, I love it, but I'm limiting my use of exclaimation marks, ok?


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